The World Web3 Conference features an unmatched lineup of leaders sharing secrets and cutting-edge ideas on AI, blockchain, crypto, metaverse, NFT usage, and Web 3.0
Mica Beleni

AI Implementation Director

Mona Moayer

Web3 Journalist. Producer. Show Host.

Joshua Jake

Discover Crypto Co-Host

Nick Valde

Discover Crypto Co-Host


Senior Software Engineer & Technical Artist

Gary Fowler

President and Founder of GSD Venture Studios

Simon Sorockyj

CoOpportunity Legal

Jason M Webb

CoOpportunity / FrontierX

George Tung

Founder of CryptosRUs

Daniel Keller

CEO/Co-Founder of Flux

Barry Mezey

CEO/Founder of Foundation For Autism Inc/KWAN2 Token

Philip Falcone

Founder & CEO of Blockchain TV

Andrew Wall

CEO of Not Corrupt Media

Bryan Harris

AI Process Architect

Ryan Horst

CEO - Blockchain Insight Group

Lucas Bean

Founder - Social Proof

Gav Blaxberg

CEO of WOLF Financial

Scott Herman

VP Strategic Partnerships - WAGMI Games


Founder - The O Show


Self-made Degen

Jason Neubauer

Co-Host/Founder & CEO of Affect Change

Stefan Langefeld

Senior Digital Entertainment Executive Advisor and Investor

Jarieq 'JQ' Kabara

CEO / Founder Laugh Out Labs LLC

Edward Ponton Jr

CEO / Founder Laugh Out Labs LLC

Alyze Sam

Award-winning Author / Founder GODL.Gold

Sharon Knoller

Global Strategy/BizDev crypto/web3/ blockchain. Crypto Educator

Anna Gandrabura

Founder / Educator / Community Builder

Ivan Mercado

Business Architect & Data Driven Problem Solver / Co-Founder of Org Dev Group / Intelligent Automation

Gianfranco Lopane

President - Smarterverse

Matt Barlett

CAIA & Head of NFT Community & Web3 at VanEck

Michelle Joubert

Strategic Partnerships & Community Development

Nicholas Hildebrandt

Co-Founder/CEO SMOK3.io

Rebecca Rose

Artist & Web3 Curator @rebeccarosenft

Yemi Adekanmi

Security & Fashion Web3 Consultant

Darin Myman

CEO DatChat, Inc.

Paul Secor

Founder / NFT Orlando President / Secor Strategies

Johanna Murillo

Brand Strategist / Speaker / Brand Builder with Chat GPT

Link Green The Khemist

Technologist & Free Though Leader

Alexander Loveyko

Associate Attorney at ChaseLawyers / IP, Entertainment and Internet Law

Samuel Armes

President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association


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